Original Giacometti Reproductions By R. Driessen.

Welcome to Driessen Art.

Robert Driessen was born in Arnhem in the Netherlands.  At an early age he found he had a natural talent for copying other artists work. Over the last 40 years he has reproduced work by most of the worlds most talented and famous artists. Perhaps most notoriously his natural ability to reproduce the paintings, drawings and bronze sculptures of Alberto Giacometti. He has been quoted of saying that he feels like he has Giacometti in his fingers. He has had many articles written about his work, and documetaries filming his work and interviewing him about his life.       Please go to our media page to view them.

He now lives in Thailand where he has a small studio, and is still making and selling original reproductions of other artists work, but still specialising in Giacometti bronze statues and pictures. All of his work is signed R. Driessen, and are still perfect copies of the work of the worlds best and most famous artists.